Born in Portugal in a picturesque fisherman's town, my thrive for artistic creation started to show early. At the age of 14 I was already discovering and developing my skills through self-teaching and voluntary work.

As the years went by my basic capacities matured and I grew into a more versatile artist, developing new skills in Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, Acting, Writing, Directing, Video Edition, Motion Graphics and more recently Dance and Special Effects.

In 2008 I was accepted into one of the best film courses in the world, at the University of Westminster in London, graduating in 2011 as part of one of the best classes the school has had and the first to win an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

This valuable knowledge and experience acquired over the years has no doubt been paramount to the professional I currently am. Today I'm fully focused in the Film/Video and Theatre mediums, but nevertheless I still accept Design jobs as a freelance.

Within a time span of 9 years I have been able to execute a variety of projects reaching a wide range of clients, from politics to music, from fine arts to stage arts, from award-winning short-films to broadcast and events, summing a total of nearly 150 executed projects and friendly professional relationships.

But see, I'm not perfect. I certainly have flaws and a lot more to explore and grow but one thing is constant: the passion for what I do, my friendly and relaxed personality and a creative mind on a constant rampage to create more, better, new and bold. :)

I am available for Freelance, Part-Time or Full-Time work.